Shelter Rock Parents Unite


Shelter Rock Parents Unite

On Dec. 3 Shelter Rock parents will be asked to vote on a Bond Referendum to reconfigure, repair, and renovate our aging school and equipment.
If successful, Shelter Rock students can expect their band and orchestral instructional spaces to be reconfigured to allow more room for them to participate. Additionally, a “room within a room” will be created so that two music lessons can occur simultaneously.
A 6th grade classroom will be upgraded to a science-ready space and the current science class and lab room will be upgraded to enrich the instructional environment in which young Shelter Rock scientists can experiment and learn.
Air conditioning will be added to the Shelter Rock cafeteria to make lunchtime more comfortable; our playgrounds will be resurfaced making them safer during recess; and the bond will provide needed funds for exterior lighting upgrades.
Shelter Rock was built in the
mid-1960’s and, 45+ years later, the school contains hundreds more students than it was originally built to hold. Something paint and polish can’t fix. The bond referendum is intended to address both the aging infrastructure issue as well as the space constraint matter.
Educating our students is a public responsibility and a local obligation and we hope that all Shelter Rock parents understand the importance of coming out on December 3 to cast your vote.
Nicole Longo-Sims




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