Indians Lose Home Opener


Football_092614BThe first home game for the Manhasset Indians arrived and the town showed their excitement by filling every seat in the stands, The Indians who are 0-2 had a hard time and were trying to put it together. Blue and orange was filtered throughout the crowd and you could feel the excitement from the fans.

The Manhasset offense had a tough time starting up and the strong Lynbrook defense wasn’t giving them any help. Lynbrook’s air tight defense stayed strong throughout the entire game and didn’t give the Indians a break.

Without a touchdown in the first half, Manhasset seemed out of the game. Then right in the beginning of the second half, Ben Cirella had a huge rushing touchdown of 52 yards. The awesome rush of yardage brought excitement back into the air and things seemed to turn optomistic.

Unfortunately, injuries plagued the Indians and the team failed to score again in the game. Every time Maanhasset had a drive going or a few plays going their way, something unexpected would happen and cause them to lose the ball or turn it over.

As the Manhasset offense struggled, so did the defense. Manhasset’s defense couldn’t match up to the high powered offense of the Lynbrook Owls. Allowing 34 points in the first half, the entire team was in a major hole throughout the game. The Indians fought back the entire game and tried their hardest to get back into the game. In an impressive second half, the Indians shut down the Lynbrook offense. If the defense played like they did in the second half the entire game, they would’ve had a much better chance of winning and put themselves into a better position offensively.

In both games this year the Indians have given up large plays in kick offs and punt teams. The special team’s issues have allowed opponents offensive teams to be put into better position to score and thus put more stress on the Manhasset defense.

Manhasset’s struggled and lost 41-7 to Lynbrook. Manhasset is scheduled to play the Roslyn Bulldogs this Saturday, Sept. 27.




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