Better Regulation Of Generic Drugs


I am a Manhasset High School junior. I have spent much time to try to bring public awareness to people about what I feel is a lack of regulation of prescription generic medications.

I feel that this is a potential danger for those with allergies to certain inert ingredients and or colors used in manufacturing generic medications. There is no regulatory control regarding the size, shape or color of generic medications. It is very possible when you have your prescription filled/refilled you may get pills that can be different in size , shape and color–this can be confusing and cause for concern(see attached photos).
I have also reached out to city and state representatives in hopes that they can put pressure on generic drug manufactures to make them conform and change the ingredients used in our medications. Ultimately, I feel that dispensing medication in blister packaging will be more sanitary, increase self life and make medications easily identifiable.
I have created a website which I hope that you will visit, please join hundreds who have already signed. Please sign by logging onto and sign my petition.
Kiara Romotzki




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