A Random Act of Kindness


My mother shared a story with me today, and I’d like to share it with all of you: While unloading a copious amount of cans of tomato sauce onto the belt as she stood at the checkout counter at Uncle Giuseppe’s, the woman in front of her commented: “you must have a lot of people to feed,” she said with a smile. “My mother explained that she cooks a huge pot of sauce for my brother in law to freeze, to make it easier for him to cook for his four children and care for my sister whom has been placed on hospice…The lady said her goodbyes and the cashier proceeded to ring up my mothers order…upon him finishing ringing up all the items, my mother reached in to her wallet to pull out her credit card…by the time she looked up, the young man behind the register named Joseph had already pulled out his debit card and paid for her order…my mother was brought to tears and told him how kind he was to have done that but he didn’t have to…his response: “But I wanted to…”

God bless this amazing young man AND his parents who OBVIOUSLY did an amazing job raising him to be a considerate, empathetic, stand up young man to an absolute perfect stranger whom could use the help! This act of kindness not only meant the world to my mother, sister, brother-in-law, and their four children but it especially warmed my heart.

Thank you Joseph Burkhardt for the kindness you showed my family and for reminding me that there are plenty of amazing, selfless and compassionate people in this world and living in our wonderful town! You are wise beyond your mere 21 years. When out and about this weekend, I plan on implementing Joseph’s way by paying it forward and doing something nice for someone else…it only takes a moment, but can mean the world.

—Li Di




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